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Halloween Gen 3 Pokemon Review Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Meowth, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Meowth

    Meowth New Member

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    Oct 23, 2017
    The hype train has left the station and Gen 3 is on its way. Similar to last year, Niantic is blessing us with a Halloween themed event. What makes it different this time around is that Niantic is also introducing a selection of Gen 3 Pokemon that fit with the theme.

    Given the evidence that we won’t be seeing a full roll out of Gen 3 for Halloween, many trainers are focused on asking how good our five new spooky friends are. Fortunately for you, using the GamePress Pokemon List we can compare their stats to Pokemon currently in the game. So how good are they?

    • Highest Stamina of all Ghost-types in game
    • Highest Attack of all pure Ghost-types in game
    • Has a mega evolution in the future
    • Lower overall bulk compared to Misdreavus
    • Lower Attack than Haunter
    Banette has the highest CP of our new Ghost-type friends but is pretty lackluster overall. Its attack stat is comparable to Haunter's. Using Haunter’s attributes, we ran some faux simulations on Pokebattler and found that even without a Poison sub-typing and Shadow Claw, it doesn't appear Banette's performance is too impressive in Alakazam and Gengar raids compared to Tyranitar and Gengar. Even if Banette is blessed with a good moveset, it will likely still lag behind even Hex Gengar for clear times.

    On gym defense, Banette fares worse. Having less bulk than Misdreavus, who has zero presence in the meta, isn't a good place to start out. Banette’s typing gives no advantages either as it has no resistance to Dragonite and is weak to Tyranitar.While there’s nothing stopping Banette from popping up in local gyms, its presence won’t be very impactful.

    Overall, Shuppet and Banette will be good for the dex entries and that added EXP but we won't see Banette making waves in the current meta.



    • Highest Defense of all Ghost-types in the game
    • Impressive Defense with a base of 234
    • Has an evolution in Gen 4
    • 90 base Stamina
    • Lowest Attack of all fully evolved Ghost-types
    With 234 base Defense and a pure Ghost-typing, you would assume Dusclops would climbing high in the gym defender rankings; unfortunately, it also has a pathetic base 90 HP. This combined with its non-threatening base 124 Attack, we don't see Dusclops doing anything impressive anytime soon. Its CP cap of 1334 suggests it may be useful in an "after 8 hours" type of defense, but running the simulations, its HP continues to hold it back.

    Looking forward, there isn't much hope for its Gen 4 evolution Dusknoir either. While Dusknoir will have higher stats all around, 90 base Stamina isn't all that much greater. If there are any Pokemon that would benefit from a hit point rebalance, these two are it.



    • No weakness Weak only to Fairy
    • Has a mega evolution in the future
    • Lower stats all around compared to Misdreavus
    If you thought we were saving the best for last, we weren’t. Following the trend of the other 3 fully evolved Ghosts, Sableye too will be holistically underwhelming on both offense and defense. Having only 1 weakness doesn’t help in the face of being paper against all neutral hits. There could be some hope for Sableye down the line with abilities and mega evolutions, but until then, Sableye just looks like another dex entry. Unfortunately, because it has no evolutions, it’s not even useful as lucky egg fodder.


    While we are all excited to see some new Pokemon in Pokemon GO as we take a step closer to Gen 3’s full release, the new additions are as benign as the babies from Gen 2. If we follow the timeline of the baby pokemon’s release last December, we will be seeing a full Gen 3 release within 2-3 months.

    Source: Gamepress.com
  2. Pikawho?

    Pikawho? Member

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    Jul 8, 2016
    Wow this is exactly what I was looking for thanks! It's a shame none of them are good though.

    Any idea if their final evolutions will be decent?

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