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Como Zoo & Conservatory in Saint Paul, MN

Discussion in 'Minnesota' started by freakwerks, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. freakwerks

    freakwerks New Member

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    Jul 12, 2016
    Twin Cities, MN
    Once upon a time, Como Zoo & Conservatory (CZC) was a Magmar home. Heading out there, it was almost impossible NOT to capture one. Since the nest change recently, it's an Electabuzz haven now.
    The CZC is wonderful for families, why's kids don't like a zoo. This is a free zoo, but they do have a suggested donation amount, and really, if every Pogo player who went out there drop a couple bucks, man, they could see an impressive surge in donations no doubt.
    Wandering through the zoo itself doesn't yield much in the way of beyond common Pokemon, same within the conservatory proper. But all of the grounds surrounding, decent finds all over the place. There aren't a huge number of pokestops, but between the zoo, the conservatory, and the surrounding lake and trails, there is a little something for everyone here.

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