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Building up friendly gyms

Discussion in 'Outdated Guides' started by JPDenoyer, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. JPDenoyer

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    Aug 28, 2016
    Dearborn, Michigan
    They recently changed things so that you can now bring 6 trainers to a friendly gym. This completly changes the dynamic and requires this guide to be rewritten. Since the author rarely takes on enemy gyms, it will take some time to get the requsite experience using multiple fighters.

    Be aware of asymmetries:
    ~a weak defender in a friendly gym can be used to easily build it an arbitrary number of levels but in an enemy gym can only be used to knock off one level (assuming there are no unfilled slots)

    ~the athor has no data about the effectiveness of defensive training on a gym under attack since the recent change.

    Selection of gym:

    ~the most likely way to have a gym stay your collor (and your guy stay in it) a long time is to find a gym that is already a decent level with strong defenders and spend some effort raising it.

    ~ gyms with weak defenders can be built up quickly. However in my experience they often change color before the slots get filled.

    ~before starting consider if you have enough time, battery life etc. If you're building up a gym where you already have a guy this doesn't matter as much. However if you do not yet have a guy in the gym and you're forced to stop a few hundred points short, you just wasted all your effort.

    ~ Don't underestimate the importance of building up the gym where you left a guy yesterday or the day before.

    Selection of trainers:
    ~under the new system you often can succesfully raise gyms multiple levels by using the default trainers picked by the game with out any use of potion. How sustainable this is depends on comparing your rate of gym raising to your rate of catching new pokemon.

    ~poitioning up strategic trainers for high prestige point battles can speed up the process. Generally having lower cp trainers beat higher cp defenders earns more points. Sometimes beeting only the lowest defender with 6 weak trainers can earn more points then crushing several with strong trainers.

    ~if the weakest defender is weak you have a few options.
    send trainers close to it's cp. These can then be trasfered to the professor in a drained state.

    Selecting defender to leave:
    There are two aproaches. Leave a strong defender to strenthen the gym or leave a weak defender to easily build up the gym.

    You should only leave a weak defender if all of the following apply:
    ~There is not already a weak defender
    ~you are equipped to immediately build the gym a couple levels.
    ~you do not mind your defender being quickly kicked out after all your work (hopefully the gym will still be your teams collor at a high level. You could build it up again to leave a strong defender.

    If you leave a strong defender it should be high cp and a species that is not already defending the gym. Try not to have defenders with the same weaknesses next to each other. Under the new system you do not need to retain your strongest pokemon for fighting. Place them in gyms.

    player Psychology

    ~when a gym is built up it can take hours for the slots to be filled.

    ~Many players have a regular schedules as to when they focus on gyms. For a combination of reasons the cycles typically range from 21 to 24 hours. It may be possible to pay attention so as to open up slots when teamates come to fill them or avoid waisting effort just before enimies undo your work.

    Proper gamesmanship
    ~ Do not snype. It is a form of steeling to deprive someone of what they spent their time and potion to earn. In the case of taken over a gym in seamingly 5 minutes you don't see the time they spent circulating pokestops to get the potion.

    ~If you spend a lot of effort building up a gym and someone take it over quickly congratulate them politely and sincerely. If emotionally unable to do this, walk away with out saying anything.

    ~don't hide in the bushes to take over a gym. It is eary and disconcerting to be building up a gym and have it suddenly change color with no one else appears to be around. If you are concerned about safety wait untill the trainer leaves.

    ~please mute the obnoxious music in public

    ~don't play in rough neighborhoods any time of day ( the author got robed of a phone mid day during lunch break)

    ~Treat solo players with the same caution applied to any other stranger on the street.

    ~Use extreme caution near groups of people that appear to be playing.

    ~ If you desire to group play with someone you just met: ask to take their picture and suggest they take yours. If they say yes email the picture to yourself and make sure they know a copy has been sent somewhere other then the phone in your hand. If they say no turn around and run.

    ~Most of the time spent walking around, your phone should be turned away from your face. This is especially important when crossing the street. It vibrates when any pokemon appear. You can glance at it about one a minute to see if any pokestops or gyms have come into view.

    ~never, never, do not, don't play while driving!

    ~ If riding a bicycle, have the phone pointing away from your face any time in motion. If it vibrates, come to a full stop and move out of the path of other cyclists before looking.

    ~do not play in hazardous wheather conditions.

    Miscellaneous considerations:
    ~it seams like the game modifies the proportion of varius items dispersed at pokestops bassed on playing style. However the athor has not systematic explored this.

    ~be careful abou overplaying to the neglect of other activities.
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