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Jun 3, 2019
Jul 8, 2016
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Jun 3, 2019
    1. LadyJudy
      Hi, I have been playing the game since 2016, level 37, almost 38! I live in Montana, about 10 miles each way to a town with Pokemon Go activity, so slow going at times. I know the game pretty well, and would be willing to answer questions and help with game play. I like to join raids and my online status is always on. My trainer code is 7169 6995 1875.
    2. Arcticwollf
      Hello, I'm a lifelong fan of the pokemon series, and although I only began playing the app a few months ago, I feel like I have allot that I could contribute on a site like this, especially when it comes to relating with newer players. Also, I have an associates degree in english, and I'm very good at expressing my unique perspective to others.
    3. Chris Gruenberg
      Chris Gruenberg
      Hi Neochi. New member, looking for friends to get into remote raids, and send gifts too.

      Trainer code is 0477 2527 8261
    4. Dustin
      Hello I'm new member, my pokemon go name is iVintag3. Thought I makea forum account to help others and to help for myself as well
    5. zabrotski
      hello neochi i am here as new member and new in the game ... have some problem with my game so i said why not join a forum might help and been helped
    6. HappyDevilsYT
      New move for Pinsir: Superpower
      Can't find this move on any official websites so just introduced with new update. Thoughts?
    7. Elijah Wilson
      Elijah Wilson
      Thank you for adding me.
      My name is (queenpin96 in Pokemon Go)
      I come from oklahoma
      Level 13 instinct
      Code:3988 0465 6950
    8. BeckySmokeyCat
    9. ManuMoore69
      Thank you for adding me.
      My name is Manuela (ManuMoore69 in Pokemon Go)
      I come from Italy.
      Level 40 Valor
      Code: 801439615076
    10. 69psycho911
      Can you tell me why I cannot send my Santa hat and Witch hat Pikachu's to the Professor? I have about 50 or 60 that I need to get rid of to free up some space.
    11. zerkky
      You forgot to add Slovenia to the "Locale based subforums". (Country list.)
    12. NeoCHI
      Make sure to checkout our new live chat!
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    13. J'mihra Nunh
      J'mihra Nunh
      Lets hope this place makes it to be a nice place ;3
    14. RoseFlorasion
      When this site makes it big this will be the post on your wall.
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    15. NeoCHI
      Join now!
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