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The "Legendary Suggestion"

Discussion in 'Feature Requests and Ideas' started by JoryRFerrell, Aug 23, 2018.

Would you like to see a feature like this implemented?

  1. Yes, I would like to see this added to the game!

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  2. No, I would NOT like to see this added to the game.

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  3. I am not sure if I would like to see this in the game.

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  4. I think this might be harmful to the game balance, or community, in some way.

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  1. JoryRFerrell

    JoryRFerrell New Member

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    Aug 23, 2018
    Columbus, Ohio, United States

    At the moment the moment, it is not possible to place a legendary pokemon in a gym. This limits the excitement of some players when it comes to legendary pokemon.
    There is also little emphasis on individuals in the game. You may dominate an area, but nobody usually really truly cares who you are. Extra excitement could be generated in the game
    by allowing users a chance to stand in the limelight. In order to address these two points, maybe the following could be added to the game:

    1. Niantic would place "True" legendary pokemon in a gym. Any other "legendaries" are actually offspring, and the offspring are far less powerful. Or maybe Giovanni is back at cloning experiments? He never
    learns his lesson...

    2. The "true legendaries" would have even higher-than-normal CP, requiring maybe double/triple/quadruple the amount of players normally needed for a regular legendary, but unlike a normal legendary when captured, their CP
    stays the same. When players defeat the pokemon, certain stats about the battle determine which single player earns the right to capture the "True Legendary", while everyone else gets a normal legendary for their efforts.

    3. These "True Legendaries" could also differ from all other pokemon in that they will lose motivation while they are NOT kept in a gym. Once it's motivation runs out, it will return to the "wild", and become
    capturable by a new player.

    4. In order to gain more motivation, they need to battle in defense of a gym. But they can only hold a gym for a max of a couple hours or less (this limits the exposure of the legendary to capture by other players,
    potentially allowing the current trainer to hold the pokemon for longer). Holding a gym for the max time limit fully restores your legendaries motivation, and it returns to you.

    5. It could be made so that the pokemon loses motivation quickly enough that it must be placed in a gym once every day. The longer you wait to place it in a gym, the weaker it is while trying to defend against other

    6. After the pokemon leaves a trainer through demotivation, rather than capture, it mandatorily appears on a new real-life continent/country, to give people in other nations a chance at capturing it. It only leaves
    that continent/country once it has been recaptured, and then leaves it's new trainer through demotivation.

    This would bring prestige to individuals, generating excitement and serving as a major community event wherever the pokemon appears, as well as give legendary pokemon a truly legendary status.
    Please comment on this idea, and pass it on if you like it.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018

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