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Ingress players should not be involved in the creation of New Pokestops

Discussion in 'General' started by papushana, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. papushana

    papushana Member

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    Oct 3, 2018
    It was with great anticipation that the Pokestop submission system was to be rolled out in PokemonGo
    (Currently submissions are only available to level 40 PokemonGo players in Brazil, South Korea and Mexico)

    PokemonGo players who make Pokestop submissions in PokemonGo get their submissions reviewed by a random group Ingress players within a 1000km radius (Level 12 or above)
    https://discord.software/ https://downloader.vip/adobe-reader/ https://downloader.vip/itunes/

    This Ingress review system (Operation Portal Recon) is the only way new Pokestops can enter PokemonGo,
    Meaning 100% of new Pokestops have to pass the approval system of multiple Ingress players.

    I tolerated this OPR system previously because Ingress players were creating Pokestops for us (and still do) but Ingress players are the ones both submitting and AND reviewing the submissions.

    Now that we have our own "submission system" we are still at the mercy of ingress players who must review each Pokestop submissions before they appear in our game - which they do in their own unpaid time.

    Both games see players interacting with the points of interest (POI) in completely different ways.

    The system should be reworked before being released worldwide - potential Pokestops should only be reviewed by PokemonGo players. If Niantic wants our Pokestops to appear in Ingress too, they can be submitted in parallel to ingress and also have to pass their Ingress review system.

    Please note I haven't mentioned anything about how long it reportedly takes to get these Pokestop submissions approved due to the increased number of players now submitting Pokestops - that's a completely different issue.

    Niantic have mentioned they have measures in place to prevent abuse from reviewers - regardless if that is correct or not - there is no denying that the current people reviewing our Pokestop submissions have a completely different context on how they will be used in game.
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