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GPS Issues

Discussion in 'General' started by NKCLurchi, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. NKCLurchi

    NKCLurchi New Member

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    Feb 2, 2019
    I often go out and raid with multiple devices. All apple devices. 2x Iphone 7s, Iphone 6s and Ipad Pro WiFi only. The issue of late is the GPS. With the IPhones, all sitting next to the same Gym, the avatar one or more of the phones will just run around making it very difficult to raid. With the IPad its even worse. Often having to wait till the avatar runs close enough to the gym to start the raid before it goes running off in another direction. I will be as clear as possible to describe how they are connected and what I have tried to resolve the issue.

    Both the Iphone 7s Plus's are Cellular through AT&T. Both have "Location Services" turned on. Resetting this (turning it off, waiting a few minutes, then turning it back on, will correct the issue for a time but will return eventually. The issue is not as bad for these devices as the others.

    The Iphone 6s plus was an older phone. It does NOT have cellular service. I connect it through a Hotspot on one of the Iphone 7s Plus's. Issue is sporadic. Some areas its fine. Others it will run all over the place. Does not matter how strong my cell signal is (that I have been able to narrow it down to just signal strength). "Location Services" is on and resetting it does not seem to make a difference.

    IPad WiFi Only. Now here is where the issues is terrible. Again there are a few places around town I have to issues but for about 90% of the time its completely unusable. Since WiFi only IPads do not have GPS chips they rely on the hotspot to send the information.

    I have read so many articles and tried so many thing to get, at least, the IPad working.

    1. I turned off cellular on one of the Iphone 7's and connected it through the hotspot on the other Iphone 7. It wasn't perfect but definitely usable.

    2. I turned off cellular on one IPhone 7 and connected it and the Iphone 6 to the same hotspot on the other Iphone. Not perfect but again usable.

    3. I connect the IPAD to one or the other Iphone 7's and it wont sit still. GREAT btw for hatching eggs but not for raiding. Turned on google maps and it seemed to work fine for the hour I tested it in the car connected to the hotspot.

    4. Connecting the IPAD to my home WiFi, Google Gigabit Fiber, and its fine. Not that there is a Gym at my house but it doesn't run around all over either.

    So is anyone else using an IPAD connected to a Hotspot and having the same issues with POGO?

    Were you able to resolve it?

    Is this just an issue with POGO?

    Thanks for your time!


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