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New Profile Posts

  1. Brendon
    PokemonGo name BrendonTM from Las Vegas. Lvl 26, Valor. My Trainer Code is 7358 6933 0669. Add for gifts, trade and complete research.
  2. zabrotski
    zabrotski NeoCHI
    hello neochi i am here as new member and new in the game ... have some problem with my game so i said why not join a forum might help and been helped
  3. HappyDevilsYT
    HappyDevilsYT NeoCHI
    New move for Pinsir: Superpower
    Can't find this move on any official websites so just introduced with new update. Thoughts?
  4. Mimosa326
    Add me. 0809 4016 3065. Thanks!
  5. Erikaadalmiina
    Add me on pokemon go!
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  6. Elijah Wilson
    Elijah Wilson NeoCHI
    Thank you for adding me.
    My name is (queenpin96 in Pokemon Go)
    I come from oklahoma
    Level 13 instinct
    Code:3988 0465 6950
  7. TheSmashley760
    Looking for new poke friends especially in the IE area
  8. BeckySmokeyCat
  9. BeckySmokeyCat
  10. rlf316
    Feel free to add me! 0006 1946 7869 NJ, USA
  11. ManuMoore69
    ManuMoore69 NeoCHI
    Thank you for adding me.
    My name is Manuela (ManuMoore69 in Pokemon Go)
    I come from Italy.
    Level 40 Valor
    Code: 801439615076
  12. Kory95670
    working to catch them all and have fun
  13. Elizabeth Moulaison
    Elizabeth Moulaison
    Hi I am new here and need some friends this is my trainers code 6511 0184 1887
  14. Mickey Mennare
    Mickey Mennare
    Hello new member here. I am in need of game friends. Please add me so that we may exchange gifts. My trainer # is: 6272 2855 4536.
  15. Badmom
    Hi, I want to make some new friends to complete a field research! My training code is 0552 0053 7263 please add me! I will send gifts daily!
  16. Walabash
    I got the game today finaly July 18th 2018 and no Pokemon will show up. All the nearby ones have no footprints. Just say "find in wild" help
  17. 69psycho911
    69psycho911 NeoCHI
    Can you tell me why I cannot send my Santa hat and Witch hat Pikachu's to the Professor? I have about 50 or 60 that I need to get rid of to free up some space.
  18. GOGO
    Halloween gen 3 monsters sucks but happy with 2x candy
  19. Draconomica
    Raiding at sculpture park
  20. Draconomica
    Raising at sculpture park