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New Profile Posts

  1. GOGO
    Halloween gen 3 monsters sucks but happy with 2x candy
  2. Draconomica
    Raiding at sculpture park
  3. Draconomica
    Raising at sculpture park
  4. Meowth
  5. Meowth
    loving the double candy Halloween event
  6. Pikawho?
  7. Honey Badger
    Honey Badger
    Let's get this party started!
  8. Brian Speer
    Brian Speer
    Looking for raids. Have a pretty versatile group of Pokémon. On almost every day, work uber in the free time.
  9. Alex Wang
    Alex Wang
    Really wish you had to deal damage to gyms to take them over so people can't steal your spot.....
  10. Charlie'skidstuffTV
  11. TheBossManEL
    Wishing someone will trade my account yellow for blue team.
  12. saphfy
    Niantic is being very irritating ....
  13. Tusharkajania
  14. Kaelynnoelle
    IT'S FALLLLLL!!!!!!!!
    1. J'mihra Nunh likes this.
    2. J'mihra Nunh
      J'mihra Nunh
      wasnt that the 22nd at 16:19 (GMT+2)? :P
      Sep 24, 2016
  15. Zulkarnaim
    I forget my password pokemon go
  16. J'mihra Nunh
    J'mihra Nunh
    Due to very good events in FF14 with my lovey i can be more inactive here. Ill still see to PM cause of email notification.
  17. zerkky
    zerkky NeoCHI
    You forgot to add Slovenia to the "Locale based subforums". (Country list.)
  18. Laohugege
    I am glad to be The Pokemon New Community
  19. Marioman1995
  20. J'mihra Nunh
    J'mihra Nunh
    Juliana Starlight. The one character defining me within Eorzea.